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Emerald Alternative Energy Solutions, Inc. directs alternative energy programs as a fiduciary of the organizations seeking to improve their bottom lines.  Emerald is not limited to consulting but leads the client’s team to select the best petroleum reduction solutions and support companies to maximize the benefits of each program.  These solutions will not only improve the bottom line but will improve the environment, energy security and enhance community relations.  The Company is dedicated to continually expanding its customer base when new opportunities emerge.  A key focus in the petroleum reduction strategies is the deployment of alternative fueled vehicles including plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) and natural gas vehicles (NGVs) and the associated infrastructure.  Emerald is a key resource for fleets that are implementing “greening the fleet” solutions with expertise in infrastructure planning and development and the correlating appropriate vehicle deployment.  Emerald Alternative Energy Solutions, Inc. was founded in September 2011 by Ronald J. Gulmi, who spent over 31 years in the utility energy field with a concentration on fleet management, engineering and business development in the alternative fuel vehicle markets. Emerald actively works with many other prominent associations, coalitions, trade groups and government organizations in the AFV/energy markets.  Emerald is based on Long Island in Huntington Station, NY
Emerald’s services in the alternative fuel vehicle market include:

•    Ensure client implements best quality, cost effective solutions
•    Develop Business Case to Transition to alternative fuel – fleet analysis/fleet evaluation
•    Provide project development/implementation services
•    Provide all training and education/outreach for employees
•    Implement Performance Contracts to assure for Client Savings
•    Educate Community and Fleet/Vehicle/Equipment operators on Benefits of AFV’s
•    Leverage relationships in the industry
•    Facilitate in Obtaining Incentives & Funding
•    Facilitate Policy and Public/Private Partnerships
•    Provide Technical Assistance/Resources – before, during and after a sale
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For further information please contact:

Ronald J. Gulmi, Managing Director
Emerald Alternative Energy Solutions, Inc.
273 Walt Whitman Rd. #224
Huntington Station, NY 11746
Email –
Phone – 516.359.6038

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